How to write the main part of a term papers, thesis?

term paperTerm papers and thesis division is into theoretical and practical chapters. But there are specialties where we are talking about writing the main part – as a whole. But even in those specialties where there is a division of research into practice and theory, the term “the main part of the thesis” is also used.

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The main part is the most massive, voluminous part of the course book or diploma. It takes 70 – 80% of the research volume and includes from two to five chapters. This is the central part of a course or diploma study, which reveals the topic of a course or diploma. Despite the fact that the majority of those reading your work (with the exception of the scientific advisor and reviewer. And that is not a fact) will confine themselves to studying the introduction and conclusion. It is in the writing of the main part that the main meaning of your work lies.
The main part of the term paper, thesis describes the process of achieving the goal and fulfilling the tasks set. It proves the hypothesis of the research . If the work is completely theoretical in nature. Then the main part devotes to the analysis of data and facts on the topic under consideration with a reasoned definition of the personal position of the researcher.

term paperMain body structure 

The structure of the main part of the coursework, thesis depends on the type of research. Most often, the main part divides into theoretical and practical – this is a common option adopted in many faculties: for example, in economic, pedagogical, psychological specialties.
But it happens that in the structure of the thesis the practice as such is not distinguished. This approach is in the faculties of law, history, philosophy, political science etc.  In this case, in the main part of the course thesis, divided into chapters by chronological or thematic principle. A study of the theory of the issue occurs with the harmonious inclusion of processed sources. In some cases, these sources are archival research, so that, in fact, practice in this case is inextricably combined with theory.
On the other hand, it happens that the main part of the work. On the contrary, is, consider, only one practice: this happens. For example, in subject research, where some complex problem is being solved. And in engineering, architectural specialties, the whole thesis is often a project. Where the whole point is in the presented drawings.
Be that as it may, the main part is your research, framed by an introduction and conclusion, as well as supplemented by bibliography, scientific reference apparatus and, possibly, appendices. (Sample)
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