Integrative Essay (8pages)


Individual Integrative Essay (8 pages) 

Part I: What Would you do differently? (4 pages)

Based on the readings and/or the videos from the course (you can choose the week/weeks), complete an integrative essay that 1) summarizes and critically analyzes the key points of one or more of the resources utilized in this course and 2) applies the concepts to a past workplace situation that you encountered.

Critically examine and utilize the material you are learning by discussing the following questions: What transpired during the workplace incident? How did you handle the situation? What worked? What didn’t work? How would you respond differently with the information learned in this course? What is the rationale and justification of why you would respond differently in the scenario you describe?

Besides the above, Part I of your essay should include:

  • Concepts and Practices– Detailing critical ‘academic basic concepts’ and why they should matter to professionals.
  • Background of the workplace situation – What was the situation and how do the course concepts manifest themselves in ‘real life.’
  • Essay Conclusion – Why the essay points are important for leaders of complex organizations.
  • Your submission should be in APA format (in a Word doc) and contain both research and reflective narration that includes contemporary scenarios that tie to course materials.
  • Remember, you can choose to blend material from some or all of the course weeks, or just one week’s readings/video.

Part II: Drawing Conclusions and Making Applications: Critically reflect upon your learning and discus your finals insights about the below 4 areas: (4 pages)

  • The interrelationship between organizational systems, management and leadership.
  • Applicable styles of leadership, core characteristics within varied environments, and the situational nature of leadership.
  • Emotional intelligence and servant leadership and their applicability in complex organizations and global work environments.
  • Organizational entrepreneurship and the key leadership qualities inherent in this type of leadership approach in the marketplace.
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