Discussion: Advocating For Social Justice
May 16, 2022
Regulation For Nursing Practice Staff Development Meeting
May 16, 2022


In  this assignment, you will develop two separate infographics  (informative posters) to discuss two separate health issues relevant to  the LGBT communities. In each infographic you will discuss:

  • What is the health problem
  • Which group(s) are most likely to be at risk
  • What social/behavioral/health system determinants affect this
  • Identify  at least two potential interventions/activities the community,  community health agency, community health nurse could offer to prevent  and or support this health issue
  • What resistance might be met in implementing the intervention/activity

View these links on how to create infographics:

You  should submit two infographics and one reference list containing at  least three scholarly sources. These can be submitted as three separate  files.

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