SPED4310 Texas A & M University Unit 4 Concussion & Brain Dam Age Case Paper

It is not uncommon for students with a brain injury to have various difficulties – some that mirror learning disabilities and attention difficulties. Reflecting on your Misunderstood Minds activity (ADHD blog) that you did in Unit 2, respond to this scenario (5 pts.):

You are a fifth grade teacher. You notice that one of your students, Kyle, has come back from winter break and seems distracted. Although you have not noticed issues before, he is having difficulty: organizing his belongings, keeping up on assignments, and remembering his homework.

You speak with his parents who inform you that he had a concussion while skiing over break. They are currently working with his physician and the school’s special education teacher regarding Kyle’s behavioral changes.

In the meantime…

What types of accommodations can you, as his general education teacher, make to help him be successful in school? Address these three issues: organizing belongings, keeping up with assignments, and remembering to do his assignments. Tie into your Misunderstood Minds experience.

View rubric to see how your assignment will be graded.

1. Correct grammar, correct spelling, clearly organized, introduction, conclusion, fully developed, well written, person-first language, APA style, and editing

2. Accommodations for keeping up with assignments

3. Accommodations for remembering to do his assignments

4. Accommodations for organizing belongings

5. Tie into your Misunderstood Minds experience

The F.A.T City Workshop video


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use chapters 13-15



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