Week 8 Complexity of Evil and Banalizing Secrets of The Dead Discussion

CAN USE ‘I’ ! Discussion is of your own opinion!

Consider the segment of Secrets of the Dead, the article from The Atlantic, and Hannah Arendt’s assertion of the banality of evil help us to examine the concept of evil from a different vantage point.

In your initial post, simply respond to the documentary and the articles. What stood out to you? What was new that you had maybe heard about but never had the opportunity to consider closely?

As you begin to engage with others, explore the tensions between Arendt’s personal life and her work as a philosopher. Arendt is often vilified and a significant number of people have accused her of being against the state of Israel and a foe of its people. Yet, she was as much a victim of the Nazis as many others and only very lucky that she was able to flee Nazi Germany. What connections can you make between the dynamics we witness in the episode of the Secret of the Dead, the journey of the SS St Louis, and Arendt’s controversial life?

What might Arendt say about Summer 2017’s events in Charlottesville, the war in Syria, the persecution of the Rohingya, or any other current event that is described as a manifestation of evil? As always, these questions are intended to help you make connections and to explore; you do not need to attempt to answer all of them.

Students are expected to contribute a minimum of three posts to students to earn a passing grade.

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