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July 30, 2021
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thesis pre-defenseTo increase the chances of a successful thesis pre-defense, one of the students orders a diploma from a student, someone tries to cope on their own. This is an ordeal! The very defense of the thesis project depends on him almost directly.
If you successfully passed the pre-defense, there is little doubt that there will hardly be surprises on the defenseOf course, you will have to worry and, perhaps, during the defense, the estimated grade for the thesis will shift by one point or another. But in general, already in the pre-defense it becomes clear: you will defend yourself or not. And if the teachers have doubts, they will simply not allow you to defend, so as not to disgrace the department.
Moreover, very often it is during the pre-defense (more precisely, after it) that teachers discuss who is worthy of what grade.

Why do you need?

So why is the department arranging this event and why should we take it seriously?
  • First, it is a check of students’ readiness for defense, which the state commission will attend. The members of the state commission, so that you know, evaluate not so much the level of students’ theses as the level of the department and faculty. Defense is also an exam for teachers. Therefore, they really appreciate the level of training of students and make sure that the diplomas are ready for defense.
  • Secondly, this is a dress rehearsal for graduate students. Few students know how to confidently stand in front of an audience. Most are jittery. Therefore, the pre-defense creates an atmosphere close to the X hour. You will be able to drive out the speech in front of the audience, demonstrate the presentation. You will see the shortcomings of your presentation (yes, the supervisor will point out them directly to you) and you can correct them before defending.
  • Thirdly, it is giving a chance to those students whose diploma is slightly “undersized” – who are up to the ideal, who have at least to the minimum acceptable qualityAfter the pre-defense, the teacher can give the opportunity to correct some of the mistakes (but keep in mind, not all departments practice this)Even if the diploma itself is correct and will not be given, then you can still conjure up over the defense speech and presentation.

How do you prepare?

You will need to appear fully armed to the pre-defense:
  • Provide the final version of the thesis. This means that you should already have a clean copy printed. True, most faculties allow provision of an unbound diploma. (Frankly, in most cases, after the pre-defense, minor corrections are allowed, but in general, the thesis study should already be complete).
  • Bring all visual materials, prepare a presentation. Everything that you are going to show at the defense – show at the “dress rehearsal”. It is possible that the presentation could improve. As for the applications, they are an integral part of the graduate study and must be fully prepared for demonstration.
  • Prepare a defense speech. Since the shortcomings of the speech will be clearly visible in the pre-defense, the speech can still be edited. But don’t treat your pre-defense speech as a rough draft! The better you perform in the pre-defense, the higher the chances of getting a high mark for the thesis, since the teachers will already represent your potential (it’s no secret that the approximate distribution of grades in many universities is made before the defense). Be sure to practice your speech at home in front of a mirror.

thesis pre-defenseHow is the thesis pre-defense of the graduate going?

In general, pre-defense works in the same way as defense, except in a more informal setting. Your supervisor will be present, most likely – other teachers of the department, possibly the dean. Your fellow students will also sit on the forefront.
During the pre-defense, students read their speeches, demonstrate visual material, answer the questions of teachers and other students (a little trick: you can formulate questions yourself and distribute to friends)Unlike defense, after your presentation, teachers can make comments, correct mistakes, give advice on how to hold on, what shortcomings you have in your presentation or answers.
Another small difference is the ability to ask teachers questions yourself, to clarify organizational issues.
Well, the dress code is free, you don’t need to dress festively.
Based on the results of the pre-defense, the final formulation of the topic will adopt and the opinion of the supervisor will voice in: whether the diploma is recommended for defense or not.

Is there a chance for rehab if you failed your thesis pre-defense?

Although everyone seems to be on the defense, take this event seriouslyIf professors have any doubts about your ability to withstand defense, you will be urged to defend yourself next year.
What if the pre-defense fails? If you didn’t quite beat your thumbs when you had to write your diploma, and you are sure that you can “finish” it in the short time that remained until the defense, try to explain this to the teacher. There are no guarantees, but the department can meet halfway. Such issues are resolved on an individual basis.
Once you have a chance, you cannot hesitate. You will most likely have no more than a week to prepare the final version. It makes sense to use the help of a student – the professionals of Research Paper Tutors pulled students out of such troubles.
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