How to write a practice report

Practice ReportThe practice report is a document proving the student’s ability to implement the theoretical knowledge gained in real life. In the process of practical activity, he is directly involved in the life of the company and reflects his experience and conclusions in the report. Besides, you need to provide a diary about the internship and a testimonial signed by the head of the enterprise, where the work of the intern during the internship assessment.

Types of reports

Students undergo practical training at the university at least three times. All these times you need to prove yourself, complete the tasks, master new knowledge, acquire useful skills, and of course, write a report on practice. Practice is of three types: educational (introductory), industrial and pre-diploma. The reports on all these practices have their own characteristics. Most of them are very similar and differ only on some points.

Report on educational (introductory) practice

This is a practice that involves the student’s acquaintance with production. Students take it in 1-2 courses. Often, introductory practice carried out in the form of lectures and excursions. Such a report lacks a practical part, since students get to know the enterprise superficially, without plunging into the workflow. However, the student must give recommendations for improving the work at least in theory.

Manufacturing Practice Report

This practice is in the field. The student performs the work of a full-fledged employee, solves issues and at the same time comes up with methods to improve the workflow. Report on manufacturing practices is a complete structure, with the inclusion of theory, practice and own reflections.

Report on undergraduate practice

The latest report on the practice that the student is doing. Here, the practical tasks must necessarily overlap with the theme of the diploma project. Undergraduate practice is, as it were, research. Therefore, in the report, the student writes about what results he achieved and what skills he acquired, and most importantly, how the practice influenced the writing of the diploma. Each report comes with additional documents that show the student’s work. The final grade in the student’s record depends on the correctness of filling out the report. Therefore, you should carefully consider this task and complete everything according to the methodological instructions.

How to write a report

The reports on the passage of educational and industrial practice draws up in the same way, only the volume differs. In the first, it is much smaller. To make the document succinct and informative, it recommends to follow the scheme:


It is necessary to clearly understand the structure of the future offspring. Having a plan, you can already in the course of practice make sketches for one or another of its points. As a basis, you can take the approximate content of future work, composed of theoretical knowledge.


Every day the student will receive a large flow of information, both documentary and practical. It is important to methodically reflect it in your practice diary. The written down thoughts and theses will come in handy when writing the final work. It is necessary to devote sufficient time to documentation, links to which will be appropriate in the report. For example, for economic or legal specializations, this will be the legislative framework, and for pedagogical disciplines, methodological instructions

Practice ReportWriting

The report is a sequential presentation of theory, supported by the materials received during the internship.
Therefore, it is logical to divide the work into two parts. In the first, we describe the enterprise itself, including activities and regulatory documentation. In the second, we outline the essence of the practice: what they did, to what extent, what they understood, what conclusions they made.

Practice report structure

  1. Introduction – the purpose and objectives of the internship are briefly highlighted here.
  2. The main part is further subdivided into two: enterprise description and analysis. The latter includes visual materials in the form of graphs and tables.
  3. The conclusion is not only conclusions about the experience passed, but also one’s own view of the company’s work, as well as recommendations for improving its activities.
  4. Appendices – all visual material used in the second part is separately placed in this section.
  5. List of used literature – in addition to theoretical sources, it may contain normative documentation.

Report formatting rules

Each department provides guidelines for the design of work for a particular specialty. The following design requirements will be common to all specializations:
  • Font – Times New Roman, size 14;
  • Sheet format – A4;
  • One and a half spacing between lines and their absence after paragraphs;
  • Counting numbering from the first sheet, and it is not affixed on the title;
  • Sequential numbering in Arabic units;
  • Indents: 20 mm from the bottom and from the top, 25 mm – to the left, 10 mm – to the right;
  • Registration of each part of the work from a new sheet.
The study of guidelines and knowledge of GOST on the design of practices will help to organize information in the proper form without any problems.

Practice diary

The practice diary is an integral part of the report. According to this document, the teacher checks the student’s activities in practice. In the diary, the student every day notes the tasks that he managed to accomplish, what difficulties arose, what should improve to make the work easier.
Filling out a practice diary is easy enough. At the university, the student gets a template into which all the manipulations carried out in practice must be entered.
At the end of the diary there is a page “Feedback”, here the practice leaders certify the document with their signatures and give a grade. After that, the diary can be considered fully completed and handed over to the department along with the main report.

Characteristics to the report on practice

The head of practice writes the description. This is a definite review of the student’s work, how he coped with the tasks, whether the results of the tasks satisfies the head or not. Here the leader writes about how actively the trainee took part in the process, what difficulties arose and how he solved them.

Practice Report Defense

After the practice is complete, the report is written, you need to protect your brainchild. It’s pretty easy like reading a talk in front of an audience. If the student attended all lectures and did not miss the internship, he carefully read the production and information. Furthermore, the student should talk about the skills that he acquired during the practice and how they will be useful in the future. In order to convey the information most clearly, you can prepare a presentation.

A Few Writing Tips

  • In the main part, reflect not only the name of the organization and its type of activity, but also the name of the director, address, as well as new developments of the company.
  • Do not forget to indicate the position in which you interned and describe the duties to be performed.
  • Check that the tutor’s signature is on the practice assignment.
  • Do not forget to hand in a diary and a testimonial about your practice along with the report. The characteristic is drawn up and signed by the direct supervisor indicating the positive aspects and achievements. How to make a diary can be found here.
  • Don’t jump to general conclusions: these should be your personal judgments based on your experience.
Practice report allows the student to feel what awaits him in his professional activity. It is very important to consolidate theoretical knowledge with practical experience. This will not only help in learning, but also set the further vector of movement.
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